Met dit 33 pagina tellende eBook plus de bijhorende 73 minuten durende webinar opname weet je genoeg van cryptocurrency om wel overwogen beslissingen te maken in de wereld van cryptocurrency.

Live Events

In our Cryptocurrency Blog you will be kept in the loop about all that is happening in the fast moving space of blockchain. You will get the latest on new ICO’s, about Trading and Mining and our reporter and ICO specialist Jørgen will give you the latest update on blockchain Events he attends.

Marcel Ott –  Cryptocurrency Consultant Change Bringer & Trainer

Marcel Ott

Co-Founder, CEO, Cryptocurrency Consultant, Change Bringer & Trainer
Jorgen Welsink – Financial Consultant

Jørgen Welsink

Co-Founder, ICO Advisor, Investor, Keynote Speaker & Blockchain Consultant
Thom Bouman – Founder, Creative Director, Brand Developer, Marketing Manager

Thom Bouman

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Product Developer, Marketing and Content Manager

At Cryptocurrency Academy we practice what we preach.
Our teachers are very involved in cryptocurrency and have build divers portfolios of coins and tokens. They are constantly monitoring the market and are investigating new developments. They travel all over the world to attend blockchain / cryptocurrency events and seminars where they listen to the experts and talk to companies – established and startups – so they can give you the most compact and valuable information without all the promo talk. Easy to follow and in plain English.