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eBook webinar Cryptocurrency voor Beginners

Cryptocurrency voor Beginners - eBook + Webinar recording

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Met dit 33 pagina tellende eBook plus de bijhorende 73 minuten durende webinar opname weet je genoeg van cryptocurrency om wel overwogen beslissingen te maken in de wereld van cryptocurrency.

Now is a great time to begin building a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, your financial advisor most likely knows very little about this field. That’s where Cryptocurrency Academy can help. We are here to educate you about cryptocurrency. We will guide you so you can make well thought decisions on the cryptocurrency market.

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Cryptocurrency for Beginners
20:30 - 22:30
Haarlemmerstraatweg 79, 1165 MK Halfweg, The Netherlands
Wij brengen je op de hoogte van de Financiële Revolutie tijdens deze Training Sessie. We vertellen wat digitaal geld voor jou en voor de wereld kan betekenen en wat voor ongekende kansen en mogelijkheden...
Marcel Ott –  Cryptocurrency Consultant Change Bringer & Trainer

Marcel Ott

Cryptocurrency Consultant, Change Bringer & Trainer
Jorgen Welsink – Financial Consultant

Jørgen Welsink

Cryptocurrency Consultant, Financial Consultant, Motivator & Coach

André Tops

Cryptocurrency Consultant, Salesmanager

Your Teachers

We'll Teach You How To Get Involved In Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Academy

At Cryptocurrency Academy we practice what we preach.
Our teachers are very involved in cryptocurrency and have build divers portfolios of coins and tokens. They are constantly monitoring the market and are investigating new developments. They travel all over the world to attend blockchain / cryptocurrency events and seminars where they listen to the experts and talk to companies – established and startups – so they can give you the most compact and valuable information without all the promo talk.
Easy to follow and in plain English.

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