Jorgen Welsink – Financial Consultant

Jørgen Welsink

Cryptocurrency Consultant, Financial Consultant, Motivator & Coach

My name is Jørgen Welsink and I’m a financial consultant for over two decades and I’ve never seen a bigger financial change coming in all my career. And therefore, never a bigger opportunity.

I’m very involved in cryptocurrency and have build a divers portfolio of coins and tokens (that I keep adding to with all the new opportunities created every day). I know enough about blockchain technologie and cryptography to advice entrepreneurs and I’m constantly monitoring the market and investigate new developments. I go to blockchain events and seminars all over the world where I talk to blockchain and cryptocurrency experts and to companies that build their product or service upon blockchain technology.

Most of the new companies I talk to do an ICO and that’s where the investment opportunity is the best.

Contact me and I will personally advice you, so you can make well thought decisions on the cryptocurrency market.

Talk to you soon,

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