Jorgen Welsink – Financial Consultant

Jørgen Welsink

Co-Founder, ICO Advisor, Investor, Keynote Speaker & Blockchain Consultant

My name is Jørgen Welsink and I’m a financial consultant for over two decades and I’ve never seen a bigger financial change coming in all my career. And therefore, never a bigger opportunity.

I’m very involved in cryptocurrency and have build a divers portfolio of coins and tokens (that I keep adding to with all the new opportunities created every day). I know enough about blockchain technologie and cryptography to advice entrepreneurs and I’m constantly monitoring the market and investigate new developments. I go to blockchain events and seminars all over the world where I talk to blockchain and cryptocurrency experts and to companies that build their product or service upon blockchain technology.

Most of the new companies I talk to do an ICO and that’s where the investment opportunity is the best.
Check out our channel on YouTube for interviews with spokesman of companies doing an ICO.

Contact me and I will personally advice you, so you can make well thought decisions on the cryptocurrency market.

Talk to you soon,

Public Speaking

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