Marcel Ott –  Cryptocurrency Consultant Change Bringer & Trainer

Marcel Ott

Co-Founder, CEO, Cryptocurrency Consultant, Change Bringer & Trainer

My biggest reward is to bring positive change to peoples lives. Both in a personal development and a financial way.

During my economics study, it became clear to me that banks and multinationals have too much influence on our lives and our wallet. Having worked with an insurance company I did not want to take part in “stripping” customers anymore and began to stand for change. I have trained major organizations in changing their corporate culture and mindset to having a more creative environment for their employees and… now I hope you let me educate and train you to understand the disruption that will change your life forever.


Marcel Ott

Public Speaking

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In my public talks I’m connecting our daily lives to the current disruption: blockchain technology and the developing future of payments. That future is created now. Not tomorrow or the day after, but NOW.

I talk about what’s happening in the world of blockchain technology today and what the practical uses could be for this technology.

I show real time examples and I talk about my moral thoughts on how important it is to make applications build on blockchain technology, simple and easy for the end user – You and me. There is a need for so called translators who are able to tell about this new world of blockchain technology and the internet of value in a simple and easy to understand way. The second phases of this disruptive innovation where new markets are being created is developing rapidly. From use of blockchain technology in the Internet of Things to simple and safe E-wallets of cryptocurrencies in newly produced mobile phones.

I am happy to be such a speaker that can translate all topics around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to a clear and understandable premise.

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