Cryptocurrency Academy

About the Company - vision, mission and thoughts.

Cryptocurrency Academy is an educational platform for beginners, users of, and investors in cryptocurrency.

At Cryptocurrency Academy we practice what we preach.

Our teachers are very involved in cryptocurrency and have build divers portfolios of coins and tokens. They are constantly monitoring the market and are investigating new developments. They travel all over the world to attend blockchain / cryptocurrency events and seminars where they listen to the experts and talk to companies – established and startups – so they can give you the most compact and valuable information without all the promo talk. Easy to follow and in plain English.

Beginners / Newbies

If you don’t know anything about cryptocurrency or maybe a bit and you would like to know what it is and how it works. You can start with our eBook + Webinar recording or following our Cryptocurrency Introduction Course. You’ll be up to speed about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in no time.
When you are ready to participate in cryptocurrency you can go onto one of our advanced courses or become a member and get all courses + many extras.

Participating in cryptocurrency

With paid on-line courses, webinars, live events and personal trainings you’ll be ready to make well thought decisions on the cryptocurrency market.
You can pay as you go or get it all for one fixed fee. Check out our Year Membership witch comes with many benefits such as one-on-one coaching calls.

Curated Newsletter: Always Up to Date with new developments

We follow the news in this fast moving space so you don’t have to.
If you don’t have much time on your hands you can sign up for our weekly Curated Newsletter.
You tell us what subjects you’re interesten in and we’ll weekly send you the best.

Facebook & Twitter

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Follow our YouTube channel for reports of events we visit. We’ll do un boxings and product reviews of blockchain hardware and tutorials on how to set up wallets and buying cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency allows us to be our own bank.
Money for the people, by the people.

Our goal is to bring financial growth to as much people as we can.
We are here to make a difference.

We are based in Tbilisi, Georgia and have an office in Halfweg, The Netherlands.