André Tops

Cryptocurrency Consultant, Salesmanager

My name is André Tops. I’m a chemical engineer, but I decided 20 years ago to change my career into sales.
At first sales in chemistry and afterwards my wife and I founded a travel organization, which we ran for 6 years. Only 2,5 years ago I was first introduced into the Blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

Being intrigued about this new way of doing finance, I started to educate myself in how to setup business, using blockchain. This choice has been the most successful decision in my sales career so far.
Together with Jørgen Welsink, Marcel Ott and Thom Bouman, we advise our clients and offer them solutions in cryptocurrency.

My specific role in our team is at the front-end, where I introduce new propositions for which we seek funding. The main objective is to find investment models that are self-sustaining, a high ROI, which creates automatically a win win situation.

If you understand that cryptocurrency is here to stay but you don’t know how to select the right opportunity, we need to talk. We can create a custom-made solution that fits your needs and budget.

Looking forward to meet.

André Tops

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